Natasha Lyonne wields a knife and wears a brown wig in a scene from All About Evil.

The day io9 got an email inviting us to debut the new trailer for Joshua Grannell's 2010 horror-comedy cult classic All About Evil, I just so happened to be wearing myPeaches. The movie gods aligned, and All About Evil is a lot of fun, so without further ado, here's the trailer.

This new trailer comes as the previously hard-to-track-down independent film starring Lyonne as a library assistant turned theater owner is about to enjoy its highest profile in over a decade. On June 10, Severin Films will release a new HD restoration of All About Evil, complete with new and archival special features, and will also co-presentgala resurrections of the film.

Grannell is a genre expert and Peaches Christ hosted a long-running cult movie series in San Francisco. This campy, witty, gruesome film is an energetic celebration of low-budget horror and exploitation movies of the past. It has a killer lead performance by Lyonne and a supporting cast that includes Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, and John Waters icon.

There is a new key art for the film that is too good not to share.

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