A pilot was punched by a passenger on a flight.

A pilot was punched by an unruly British passenger who was later arrested after causing carnage on a Wizz Air plane in Crete.

According to reports, the mass brawl started after the flight landed on the Greek island, when two British passengers were told that police would escort them from the plane due to their poor behavior on the flight.

The cabin crew continued to serve alcohol to the pair despite protests from other passengers.

The pilot emerged from the cockpit to diffuse the situation after becoming irate because police officers were on their way to fetch them. He was attacked by one of the men.

The man was dragged off the flight by police with his trousers around his ankle.

The woman told The Sun that she and her husband were going to the Greek island for a week. The man and his friend were so loud and abusive.

When the air stewardess told them they would be taken off the plane by police, something clicked.

He was swinging punches as a group of guys tried to restrain him.

The guy hit the pilot when he came out. He was pretty shaken up but seemed okay. It was terrible.

The scheduled return flight to the UK was canceled because of the incident.

The crew were told to go to the airport police station to file the case because they had reached their duty time limitation and needed time to rest before the return flight.

The flight from Chania to Gatwick had to be changed. The flight left at 16:10 local time.

The safety of passengers and crew is the priority of the airline.

Wizz Air pilot punched while trying to break up a fight on board a flight to Crete. A British passenger in his 30s has been arrested. https://t.co/AOPyNAmuaz pic.twitter.com/gEGjn5bNJx

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