The master chief.


Everyone is going to have a field day with this one. The final episode of the Halo series is airing today on Paramount Plus, and while some predicted we would end up here as a joke, we have actually arrived.

The master chief had sex.

It's really sad.

Let me be more specific. Master Chief had sex with a Covenant spy and it may lead to the entire Fall of Reach.

This seems to be the end of the _Master Cheeks_ version of John 117, where the show seemed to enjoy showing a lot of butt for a while.

It is not very graphic. This time around, it is more about what a terrible decision this is and how far we have come from the video game hero. Master Chief has been transformed into an entirely different character because of this effort.


There is a game called Halo.


It isn't just that Master Chief had sex, it's also the entire context surrounding it. Let's recap.

  • Master Chief dismisses two guards to speak with Makee alone.
  • The two have formed some sort of instant connection in the last episode alone because they are both “chosen ones,” which apparently also comes with sexual chemistry.
  • Master Chief then proceeds to have sex with a woman who is quite literally a prisoner of war in her jail cell, with consent, albeit, but still.
  • Cortana is watching through his eyes the entire time, which he has to know. Also obviously there should be any number of people with eyes in her cell at all times watching this happen.
  • Because Master Chief now has this connection with Makee, he places too much trust in her. Where this seems like it’s going is that while Makee was maybe legitimately converted to his side for a time, the situation with Master Chief lets her get access to the artifact. My guess is that instead of finding the Covenant homeworld, she will now bring the Covenant to Reach, leading to the famous destruction of the planet.

Master Chief is going to cause the Fall of Reach by having sex with a Covenant spy. This is where we arrived at this point in the show.

The Spartan fight scene and Cortana's growth were good, but this series is too far off the rails to work as a whole. We already know we are getting a season 2, but this has been something to watch.

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