Air France has a new seat. The new seat will be rolled out on 12 Boeing snoozing from September 2022, each aircraft will have 48 seats in Business class.

The seat design is based on the 3 Flat, Full Access, and Full Privacy. Passengers can create a private space with a new sliding door. The seats in the center of the cabin are now equipped with a central panel that can be lowered to create a more private environment for passengers.

The seat has a wide 17.3-inch 4K High-Definition anti-glare screen, a noise-reducing headset, and a new connection that allows passengers to use their own headphones.


Premium Economy and Economy seats are being installed on these aircraft for optimum comfort. The cabins are decorated in navy blue, white and hints of red.

The first aircraft with new cabins and a wi-fi connection will fly to New York-JFK this autumn.

Premium Economy and Economy

The Premium Economy cabin has 96 cm of legroom. Air France is leaving the fixed shell seating. The seat back has been widened to provide more privacy. The seat has a couple of ports.

The seat in the Economy cabin has a wide 43 cm seat pan, a recline and 78 cm of legroom. It also has a port for a computer.

The seats in these two cabins are equipped with a wide 13.3-inch 4K High-Definition screen, ideal for enjoying over 1,000 hours of on-demand entertainment.

Catering Offer

The company will offer meat, dairy products and eggs of French origin in all of its cabins on flights departing from Paris by the end of 2022.

Customers will be able to pre-select their hot dish in Business class prior to departure.

The company wants to eliminate all single-use plastic items from its aircraft by the beginning of the next decade.

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