Eagles as NFC East favorites over Cowboys? Marcus Spears is not having it (2:14)

The Eagles trade for A.J. Brown makes them the favorites over the Cowboys according to Marcus Spears. (2:14)

6:00 AM ET

There is anticipation around the Dallas Cowboys with the club's rookies making their first on-field appearance at The Star for a three-day minicamp, starting on Friday.

The three draft classes we have stacked together hold the future bright for us, according to coach Mike McCarthy.

What will the rookies be looking for?

The vice president of player personnel said that they want to evaluate them in the atmosphere of the building. Seeing how they react to that kind of stuff, getting out on the field, getting a better feel for what they have, that's a whole different thing.

It will not be real football. The minicamp won't feature much more than an introduction to how the Cowboys operate under McCarthy and the systems on offense, defense and special teams.

Expectations for the draft picks are related to how the Cowboys approached free agency.

There are thoughts on the newest players here.

Smith was the OL in the first round.

The benefits of being a left-sided player at guard and tackle are that you can use the physical skill set to play tackle and guard, and that the space is a little more confined. He is playing on the left side at guard and working as a tackle. It speeds up the learning curve when you bounce from inside to outside.

Second-rounder Sam Williams could help the Cowboys fill the void left by Randy Gregory's departure. AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis

Sam Williams was in the second round.

A combination of guys is what Williams reminds him of. I think you have the speed off the edge that you have seen some great pass-rushers have. The game is almost like a version of DeMarcus Ware when you switch positions, and then you have success, and then you talk about the ceiling because of the lack of. He was able to produce pressure from a 4i alignment at different times in different ways.

In the third round, Jalen Tolbert was a receiver.

We don't see him as a small-school guy. A lot of people are talking about the Senior Bowl. You get to see guys compete, and then you find out what they know about football. That is a big concern for the smaller conferences.

We saw a big catch radius with Tolbert. He played inside and out. We have to learn about his football IQ and what drives him, and Mike McCarthy has done a great job of developing receivers in his tenure in Green Bay and here.

Jake Ferguson was in the fourth round.

He has the ability to compete in the pass game, but he also has the ability to improve as a blocker. He has the temperament to get it done. He has been around football all of his life with his grandfather.

Matt Waletzko was in the fifth round.

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He has the 6-7 and 36-inch arms, but also the work ethic and mentality to maximize all that stuff and the potential to play either side. He can play left and right for his conference and he is smart. He is driven to improve and he has some nasty to him.

DaRon Bland was in the fifth round.

He has NFL qualities, but he wasn't at the combine or the all-star games. There is a lot of physical upside to him. He fits the profile of what we are looking for. He is tall, long and can run. He is a track guy and can do a lot of things in our system.

Clark was in the fifth round.

Everyone had the same information on the risk and reward of the pick. You are playing a guessing game. You know you like the player, and you just want to get the right value for him, and the value we got him at was at the right time. The good news was that the prognosis was good.

John Ridgeway was in the fifth round.

He is different from what we have used before because you want to increase the size and length of our team. The only way you can do that is with big, physical people. That is what he is. Unless you get it down on first and second down, you can't get to third down. He can help us get to those situations.

The sixth round had a LB.

There's a little bit of a late bloomer there, but there are some NFL qualities you're looking at. You have to be able to run and play in space for our second-level players. He will be a guy that you bet on to contribute on special teams while he learns to play the game.

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