A majority of Americans, including slightly more than half of Republicans, are opposed to Congress passing legislation that would ban abortion nationwide.

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The poll was conducted after a draft opinion suggested that a federal law making abortion illegal would be overturned.

More than half of those who want to overturn the law support a federal ban, while less than half want it to be struck down.

Republicans are broadly in favor of state-level abortion restrictions, with most of them wanting their state to ban most or all abortions.

Criminal punishments for those who get abortions if the procedure is banned are supported by a majority of Republicans.

Republicans are opposed to abortion, but most of them want it to stay mostly legal in their state, and at least 50% of them think that those who help with or undergo abortions should not face criminal penalties.

A majority of Republicans don't want the procedure to be completely banned without exemptions, but they do want abortion to be banned in their state.

50%. CBS notes that it is a record high for the question of whether or not abortions should be available for people who want them. Only 25% of Republicans say the same. A majority of people in the poll say they don't want the abortion law to be changed.

Crucial Quote

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson said that a federal ban on abortion would be in line with what they have been fighting for for four decades.


Even though federal legislation banning abortion would be unpopular, a majority of people support Congress passing a bill that would allow the procedure.

Key Background

The Washington Post reported on May 2 that Republicans in Congress have already held meetings to discuss efforts to introduce federal legislation that would ban abortion nationwide. The report took on new importance after a draft opinion from the Supreme Court was leaked. The official opinion will likely be released in June, though the Post reports a majority of justices still favored the abortion decision as of last week. Senate Minority Leader McConnell said Friday that Congress would legislate to restrict abortion nationwide if the procedure is banned in 26 states.

What To Watch For

If Republicans regain control of Congress in the upcoming elections, they will be able to move forward with a nationwide abortion ban. The Post reported that anti-abortion rights activists plan to use the upcoming elections to try and get voters to support various abortion ban proposals, which could affect federal legislation.

A majority of people who support abortion see it as a danger to women.

If the Supreme Court overturns the Wade decision, Republicans will try to ban abortion nationwide.

The abortion rights will be on the ballot in November.

The next step for the antiabortion movement is a nationwide ban.

Arkansas Governor who signed a state-level abortion ban is against a national ban.

McConnell says he won't change the filibuster to pass the abortion ban.