• At 19-years-old, what were you doing? Are you graduating high school? Freshman in college? Wondering what your summer job would be? Most people at that age are doing that.

  • Disney is severing ties with Fred Savage, who was an executive producer and director on The Wonder Years, following multiple complaints of improper conduct. The allegations led to the dismissal of Savage. The Wonder Years are a remake.

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  • "To me this guy was the answer to my problems," Grey said.

  • Three years ago, a Russian husband and his wife staged a nude photo shoot on a sacred 700-year-old tree in Indonesia. A nude photo shoot was staged at a weeping paperbark tree inside the Babakan temple grounds in the Tabanan Regency. Trees and mountains are considered sacred by the gods in the Hindu culture.

  • Chappelle gave them a shout-out after the on-stage incident, as people speculated about who was involved in the altercation.

  • Few people believed Nomi Prins when she called the 2008 meltdown. She is issuing a new prediction. Most Americans are not yet prepared.

  • There is a city in Kansas. The search for a missing prisoner in Alabama and the officer accused of helping him escape continues. Toby Dorr knows exactly what the corrections officer is going through because she knows where the Whites are.

  • Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger accepted a judge's findings Friday and said that US Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is qualified to run for re-election despite claims by a group of voters that she had engaged in insurrection. The voters didn't have enough evidence to back their claims, so the judge ruled that Green was eligible to run. The group that filed the complaint on behalf of the voters vowed to appeal after the judge adopted his decision.

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    Heard is testifying in the Johnny Depp defamation trial.

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    People had the most horrible first day at work.

  • In her memoir, Out of the Corner, the Dirty Dancing star claims that when she told her father, he asked, "What did you expect?"

  • The rapper was in another part of the world.

  • Eugene M. Barta won a personal injury case in the Bronx when he was fresh out of law school and is now the basis for the contempt order against Trump.

  • The 10 least reliable cars are ranked by their reliability score.

  • Ted Cruz continues to speculate on who leaked the Supreme Court's draft ruling on abortion. Cruz said that Democrats were responsible in an earlier news conference. Cruz said that the draft opinion was leaked by a left-wing law clerk who wanted to get them to change their vote.

  • The person who guessed correctly won two million rubles. The show fits into Russia's narrative of cultural superiority.

  • The wedding is not too far away.

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  • In recent years, the cancellation ax has been swinging faster at the streamer than ever before, sending all manner of fan-favorite shows to that great TV graveyard in the sky. There are few examples of originals that have lasted more than four seasons. The post This is the Netflix series everyone is turning to since Ozark was so bad appeared first on BGR.

  • The Florida Department of Education will not allow ideology to be injected into the math textbooks according to the Governor. 54 textbooks were kept out of the state's adopted list, according to a statement released by the education department on April 15. The rejected books contained references to critical race theory, among other reasons.

  • On the 30th anniversary of the originalPoison Ivy,Katt Shea reveals her biggest regret.

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    A man builds a trap to catch a thief.

  • Hostin went after Black and Latino Republicans on The View, saying that she doesn't agree with them. Hostin's comments came as the panel was discussing the news.

  • Jessica Simpson has a lot of outfits.

  • Gates and Musk give a lot to climate-protection issues. The two have disagreements in the past.