When will we see you again?

American soccer fans have been waiting for a real star to emerge and Christian Pulisic is the closest thing to him. I'm not sure what it is, but the closest approximation I can think of is going from a small-market NBA team like the Spurs to the Lakers or Bulls.

If Prokorov still owned Brooklyn, they would probably be under an operations freeze like the U.K. froze Roman Abramovich's assets.

We need to get our guy out of London. Mark Pulisic isn't happy about his son being demoted to the doghouse.

The sad thing is he loves this club, teammates, and London. My boy is big 6 months ahead.

He gave his best coach-speak response when he was asked about it. He and the player have no problem, and the player has been positive in the last weeks.

There has been a recent positive development for the two companies. Todd Boehly is expected to sign the initial documents for the takeover of the club on Friday. The Los Angeles Dodgers are owned by Boehly. He founded Eldridge, a firm that does investing and owns a bunch of companies.

The good news for the team and player is that soon the club will have an ownership group that is not being punished by the government and will be able to do things like participate in the transfer window.

There is a rumor that if Dybala moves on from his club, he will be replaced by Christian Pulisic. It would be great to see the return of Christian Pulisic to his former form for another big-time team.

He played 22 minutes, 19 minutes, and 14 minutes over the past three games, and the last time he played a full 90 minutes was against the Clarets on March 5.

The easiest way to send U.S. soccer fans into a daydream is to highlight his goals on social media. We get to see him play for the USMNT, but it's like watching Dirk Nowitzki play for Germany or Giannis Antetokuonmpo play for Greece. It isn't the same watching them try to carry teammates who aren't in the same league as them.

Even though it sucks that everyone who bought a Pulisic-Chelsea kit was rarely able to wear with pride, he still has, even though he was 21 when he first arrived in 2019.

The easiest way to lose your spot in the starting 11 is to have health issues that affected his tenure with the team. No one, not even Romelu Lukaku, is immune to losing their place due to injury.

I don't think it's fair that Mo Salah is on the same level as Christian Pulisic, but he had a worse time as a Blue than the American did, and both were around the same age.

My point is that one of the best players in the game today couldn't break out at such a young age, and that's why soccer pundits will be debating whether Christian Pulisic is the best player on the planet in eight years. After a few years in the Italian league, he regained his form and confidence and returned to the English league.

Hopefully, if he goes to Italy, he will be able to find the pitch and the back of the net more often.