Stations, a lightweight app for free and paid subscribers, has been running since last year.

The app was launched in the US in the fall of 2016 and is now available in the app store. The test is over and the app will shut down on May 16th.

If you used Stations, you can use the site to move your favorite lists over to the main app.

Stations is shutting down on May 16th. The stations you created will go away, but you can still enjoy Spotify by logging in with your Stations account. Discover playlists made for you, plus millions of songs and podcasts.

There was no way to pick specific tracks or artists when you returned to a station, because the Stations app started playing as soon as you opened it. It would attempt to personalize the experience for you over time by including a number of preset and some you could create by picking your favorite artists from a list.

Some of the tests end up paving the way for our broader user experience and others serve as an important learning. One of those tests was the Spotify Stations Beta. Users will be able to easily transfer their favorite stations from the current feature to the new one in the Spotify app.

If you've been following the Stations feature, you'll notice that the main app now includes personalized radio stations, as well as a news and music playlist for drivers. Last month, it was announced that the live audio platform from Greenroom would be renamed to Spotify Live and that it would include features in the main app.