Jennifer Grey
Jennifer Grey.Amy Sussman / Getty Images
  • In her memoir, Out of the Corner, she says that she was molested by a man.

  • She said that when she told her father what she wanted, he replied, "What did you expect?"

  • They didn't believe Grey since the man was her grandpa.

In her memoir, " Out of the Corner," Grey claims that at age 14, she was molested by the apartment complex's supervisor. She wrote that nothing could have prepared her for the blatant, blank dismissal of what had happened to her.

Grey's father is an actor and her grandfather is a comedian. According to her book, this did not protect her from traumatic experiences growing up.

In the book, Grey goes into great detail about her visit to the apartment, where she alleges that she was sexually assault by the apartment's supervisor, after returning home from a date with a childhood crush, Steve.

Jennifer with a stern face outside wearing a collared shirt and leather jacket.
Jennifer Grey with her father, Joel, in the '80s.Jim Smeal/Getty Images

According to Grey, when she arrived home from a date, she rang the buzzer for her grandparents apartment, but they didn't answer. The day before, she had been introduced to him and she was buzzing for help. Her grandparents called him the most wooonderful young man.

Grey wrote that she called her grandparents and was told to come up. Grey turned to leave, and he was standing by. Grey said that he made her feel comfortable by asking about her braces appointment the day before. She wrote that the guy was so sweet.

She showed off her smile. He was pressing his body into me from behind as he licked my neck.

The Dirty Dancing star said that the calm came over her, and that she had an awakened beast inside of her.

According to Grey, she yelled that he waspathetic and asked, "You can't get someone your own age to have sex with you, so you go after a 14-year-old girl?"

She went to her grandparents apartment and threw up. She called her dad.

Jennifer Grey at age 19 attending a movie premiere party with her father, Joel Grey, in 1979.Ron Galella/Getty Images

Grey recalled her father asking what she expected from the conversation.

She wrote that she was filled with shame and disgust.

She told her grandparents, who were angry. They said that he would never do that, according to Grey.

Grey said that she was confused and frightened by the incident.

She said that she felt that she must have been at fault for the loss of innocence.

He has posted his support of his daughter's book on the social media site.

Out of the Corner is out now.

The original article can be found on Insider.

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