Lewis Hamilton has spoken out against the Supreme Court’s draft to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Ahead of the first Formula One Grand Prix event in the United States this year on Sunday, the sport's seven-time champion, Lewis Hamilton, has spoken out against a draft of a U.S. Supreme Court opinion.

I love being in the States, but I can't ignore what's going on right now and what some in the government are trying to do to the women who live here. We can't let that choice be taken away.

There are organizations and resources that support abortion rights. In Miami, where this weekend's race will occur, Hamtilon posted multiple photos to the social media site.

At past Formula One events, Hamilton has supported human rights. In December of last year, he called out The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's queer laws. I wouldn't say I do. Hamilton said last year that it wasn't his choice to be here.