Another rare Apple-1 computer is up for auction, and it already has a bid of over $250,000. The first Apple product was created by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, and there are few left.

Apple-1 models that come up for auction often fetch high prices because of their rarity, and this particular Apple-1 up for sale is number 7 on the registry with a Steve Jobs handwritten serial number. According to the auction website, it is the first Apple-1 that has an authentic serial number handwritten by Jobs, and it is the only first batches of Apple-1 that have gone up for auction in many years.

One of the first employees to work at Apple, Daniel Kottke, has verified that it is in working order. It comes with a power supply and other period-appropriate components. It is also being sold with a modern cassette interface, power supply, connecting cords, and a reproduction of the original operation manual signed by Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne.

The 1993 Apple MacTV, which was Apple's first attempt at creating a TV- computer hybrid, is being sold by the auction site.

There are two weeks left for additional collectors to enter bids before the Apple-1 auction ends on May 21.