Like most female characters in the franchise,Peggy Carter is an under appreciated player. In Captain America: The First Avenger, introduced as Steve Rogers' love interest, he did little more than support the title character as he journeyed from skinny boy with a heart of gold. There was a shadow over the Captain America trilogy and a constant reminder that Steve was out of place.

She made brief appearances in everything from the Captain America sequels to the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Slowly but surely, the pillar of the MCU, which was named after the character, became a staple. An impressive feat, considering that no other Avenger shared scenes with Cap. Her place among the key figures was all but assured.

The strong female character

Peggy Carter looking serious in Captain America: The First Avenger.

Whenever anyone wants to praise a fictional female creation, they probably use the term "strong female character." It's a vague term to describe an equally vague figure who checks every box in a list of what female characters should be. She is capable, intelligent, and good at her job. The strong female character does not need a man. She doesn't break a nail by taking names and kicking ass. A strong female character is a good way to avoid responsibility for writing a three-dimensional female. What if audiences don't know anything about these women? They do a great job at what they do.

Initially, Peggy was just another strong female character. At the height of World War II, she was the only woman in power. The movie says that everyone respects her. Steve's journey from being a boy to a man of action is seen by audiences, but much of his evolution happens before the plot begins. The film focuses on how she can help Steve cement the legacy of Captain America; her wants and needs become secondary to his. It's his movie, but he had the potential to be more than a one-time love interest.

This potential was noticed by the MCU, and they turned it into one of the key figures in the creation of S.H.I.E.L.D. All of it happened off camera. The franchise told its fans that it was important, but didn't show it. She talked to Steve about her time in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The one person that reminded Steve of his own time and the person he used to be was Peggy. She came back during the opening of Ant-Man to help establish Hank Pym's credentials and then during the Cap dream sequence in the movie, again acting as the embodiment of everything he lost.

One of the secret weapons of the MCU was the character of Peggy, who could fit in WWII America as easily as she could in modern-day London. There was more to know about her life, which fans knew was important enough to warrant a movie of its own. Major motion pictures starring the likes of the Guardian of the GALAXY and the ANT- MAN were released. Is it not possible that the MCU could give some attention toPeggy? It wasn't in the way people expected.

A short-lived classic

Peggy Carter looking determined in Agent Carter.

A television show focusing on the character of Agent Carter was opened up by the 15-minute short. The current shared television universe was far away from the current shared television universe of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The experiment of Agent Carter was one that would test the viability of bringing the MCU to the small screen.

Carter was put front and center by the series because of the difficulties of juggling her career and personal life in post- WW II America. Agent Carter had a unique angle, rich period setting, and the potential to show some of the most important events in the MCU. It had a compelling character who spent too long getting overlooked despite having one of the most intriguing stories in the universe.

Agent Carter was unable to connect with the mainstream audience. The series was a nostalgia trip that didn't advance the overall story in any significant way. Carter's creation of S.H.I.E.L.D., arguably the series' biggest selling point, was not shown in the two seasons. The ability to present a single story throughout numerous chapters is one of the greatest strengths of the MCU. The fear of missing out is the main reason fans see every movie in theaters. The way to go for most shows is to focus 100% on the central character. The larger world was neglected by Agent Carter.

A new beginning

Captain Carter in a fighting pose in What If?

After the cancellation ofAgent Carter,Peggy went into obscurity. She died during the events of Captain America: Civil War, putting a rather anticlimactic end to her life. Three years later, Steve finally got his dance, but it was a divisive twist that remains divisive among the fans. She was only there to serve Steve's interests, so seeing Cap with her was more of a triumph for him than her. It was his dream to dance with her, fans had seen her move on during the events of Agent Carter, and even the movies showed her getting married and starting a family. She was living the life she always wanted, despite the many events that suggested otherwise.

Fans were expecting the end of the storyline after the neat bow of the movie. Many fans raised their eyebrows when they heard about What If. In animation and as a superhero, Carter would return to the MCU. Expectations for the show were big, especially after the massive success of Wanda, and Captain Carter was crucial to the show's promotional campaign.

Critics and fans appreciated the new angle to explore the different corners of the MCU in the reviews for What If. Captain Carter's episode received a lot of praise for Atwell's performance and the fact that it was a delight to finally see. It's a shame that she was turned into a superhero for the sake of giving her attention, especially since she was one of the most interesting nonpowered individuals in the MCU. The character finally got the attention she deserved.

Another major female hero was introduced to the MCU, one without Wanda's instability, Black Widow's questionable morals, or Captain Marvel's attitude problems. Captain Carter is a leader who was forged in the hardship of war and sent through the multiverse thanks to the antics of the Tesseract. Like Captain America before her, Captain Carter is corruptible, uncompromising, and moral to a fault. She is not a Captain America rip-off. The constant battle that comes with being a hero is something that is used to by Peggy. Fans finally got to see a new side of the character, one that had always been there, but only recently got a chance to shine.

What the future holds

Peggy Carter looking to the distance in The First Avenger.

The live-action version of Captain Carter will be introduced in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Watching the character in animation was a treat, but seeing her on the big screen will be redemption for her fans. The positive reception for the second season of What If suggests a rebirth for the character. A Captain Carter-themed Disney+ could be on the horizon. Who knows if Captain Carter will show up in Captain America 4?

It has been a long and winding road for the character of Peggy Carter, but she has proven her importance more than once. She might still be a strong female character, at least on paper, but the character developments for Wanda Maximoff andNatasha Romanoff proved that she is not the only strong female character in the company. There are so many possibilities forPeggy. She has been a variety of things, including love interest, human, superhero, and common denominator.

The MCU has an incredible asset in Peggy, but has chosen to ignore her. Not anymore. It's a good time to rise from obscurity and into the spotlight that she always deserved.

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