Kate Brown is the least popular governor in America according to a new poll. It's not hard to see why, considering the law she just signed.

Local taxpayers are on the hook for thousands of new tampon dispensers in boys' bathroom thanks to the Menstrual Dignity Act that just passed. This latest madness, which affects every public school and college in the state, is expected to cost up to $400 a machine. School custodians are not the only ones upset about it.

One Portland resident argued that this will show all of our youth, and especially our trans youth, that the bathroom they use is for them.

The bill was expanded to give female students free sanitary products at school. In an absurd gesture, the state has decided to affirm the right to menstrual dignity for trans people.

School officials are told to use gender neutral phrases when explaining the reproductive process. There is no such thing as female hygiene products, according to the toolkit.

State leaders didn't consult their counterparts in Illinois, where a similar move has opened the door to expensive plumbing issues.

The products are not cheap and will be used in the wrong places if they are placed in the bathroom of elementary school boys.

The Loyola University campus is a good example of a campus where janitors are dealing with a lot of pranking. One students group complained that sanitary pads would end up on the mirrors, in the sinks, down the toilet and completely thrown out.

Huntley High Assistant Principal Tom Kempf admitted that the lunacy in Illinois was creating problems for the school.

What's next? There are urinals in the girls restrooms.

The state ignored Tracy and passed the bill.

In most states, parents are fighting a much more sinister abuse of their authority, and that's whymenstrual equity is only scratching the surface. January Littlejohn is suing her school district in Florida for helping her daughter transition.

She explained that she stumbled on a plan that included everything from Littlejohn.

Many schools across the nation have the same protocol in place.

Vernadette Broyles pointed out that there was a wave of lawsuits across the country from parents who experienced the same injustice. She pointed out that in places like Wisconsin, Maryland, Oregon, and California, parents need to assert their rights with their school.

President Joe Biden's radical education secretary, Miguel Cardona, has been getting angry letters from Republicans who see the president's administration.

The school pushed the girl to embrace her new gender identity without notifying her parents.

There is little to no accountability coming from this administration.

State leaders are racing to keep this dangerous ideology in check. Right now, local conservatives are working against the clock to move a bill that would outlaw this radical gender therapy for children out of the Rules Committee and onto the floor. The committee's chairman is a Republican state Rep. Philip Christofanelli.

There is more on the trans debate that is raging across the country.

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