Welp, none of that worked.

The first thing to think about is which team won the trade. In the NBA court of public opinion, the side that gets the more prominent name is usually the one that gets the best player. It depends on which talking head you cared to listen to.

It is easy to see who came out better in this trade. Nobody won this trade. It is quite simple. The Philadelphia 76ers and Brooklyn Nets are both loser based on what they thought they were getting in the trade. Simmons returned one week earlier than expected and needs back surgery.

The Nets got two players in the trade with Simmons, but they weren't enough to beat the Celtics. Maybe they'll find a couple of gems with the first-round draft picks they acquired from the 76ers, but that doesn't help them now. The team was built to win. The Brooklyn Nets have been disappointing so far. The fact has been magnified by taking on Simmons halfway through the season.

Harden is on the court for the 76ers. Currently, Harden is contributing to a 2-0 series deficit against the Miami Heat, but he is out there lumbering up and down the court. When Morey held off on trading Simmons so he could bring in Harden, he thought he was getting something. At this point, we might as well call him the artist formerly known as.

Morey knew that James Harden was in Houston. Maybe he took a detour on the way to Brooklyn and was held up at Magic City with a plate of wings. This guy is not getting it done. Harden can't do what he used to.

We are talking about a player that made 10 points in a game in Houston and seven points in a playoff game against Boston. Through the first eight games of the playoffs, Harden has made more than two threes in a game. He made four against Toronto in the first round.

If Harden can give the 76ers a couple of 30-point performances in the playoffs, then it's time to demand a refund. Take back a draft pick. This trade looks foolish now that it sounds absurd. I thought Philly gave Harden too much. Harden can no longer carry a team as he is injured, as he is prone to be.

Philly traded for Harden because of that. He is supposed to be the second star and the emergency life raft in case he goes down. Harden might be right there with him because he isn't holding the 76ers up. Maxey is more aggressive in scoring buckets.

If Simmons can get his mental health in order, there could be a new narrative around this trade next year. I will be the first to congratulate Simmons if he comes back and has a great season in Brooklyn. Harden's best days seem to be in the past.

The BeardJames is still a good NBA talent, but his role on any team moving forward will be vastly different from what we are used to seeing. Harden has a contract situation. He is going to be looking for an extension worth $50 million per year. Before he was traded, Harden declined a two-year extension from the Astros. I don't know if Mr. Morey still sees that type of value in Harden.