Starlink is great for remote areas, but now it is great for people who often go from one area to another.

You can take your Starlink internet with you, thanks to a new feature. It is possible for users to temporarily move their Starlink to new locations in order to receive service anywhere within the same continent.

It is not free to move around. On top of the regular Starlink fee, it comes with an additional $25 monthly fee.

It comes with a number of conditions. You can check the Starlink availability map to see where it will work. It can only be used on the same continent as the registered Service Address, though we think this won't be a problem as there won't be that many users hauling it across continents. Starlink can't be used in motion at the moment, and trying to do so will void your warranty. Starlink says it is actively working to make it possible to use it on moving vehicles.

Starlink is offered on a best effort basis, meaning that it isn't guaranteed. The company says that when you bring your Starlink to a new location, it may result in degraded service at times of peak usage or network congestion.

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It's obvious that Starlink works best in areas with a lot of people. A user highlighted how great it is that you can set Starlink up in a remote location. Starlink is awesome for RV's, camping or any activity away from cities, said Musk.