At the next shareholder gathering, Amazon leaders might face an uncomfortable moment. Daniel Olayiwola will be the first Amazon warehouse worker to present a resolution at the annual general meeting. An employee in San Antonio calls for Amazon to end its staff monitoring and productivity goals. Olayiwola said that the practices force workers to prioritize speed over safety.

The staffer pointed out that the injury rates were well above national averages, particularly at automated facilities. Time Off Task, which monitors the amount of time workers spend away from their station tools, was blamed by him. Employees have little room for breaks or a safe, sustainable work pace with the combination of quota and surveillance.

We asked Amazon about it. Averaged Time Off Task over a longer period has been softened by the online retailer. Jeff Bezos was the founder and former CEO of Amazon.

Amazon has been accused of pushing workers past the breaking point. Employees and contractors at the Illinois warehouse that collapsed during a deadly tornado last year were reportedly pressured to keep working.

The resolution would not pass for us. Olayiwola would demand a major change to Amazon's policies if he had a shareholder resolution. Even if the proposal doesn't survive, it highlights the mounting tensions between Amazon and the rank-and-file demanding better working conditions.