• Dave Chappelle was attacked on stage only after former President Trump released some incivility around the country, according to The View's Sunny Hostin. The 48-year-old comedian was not hurt when an audience member tackled him during his performance at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. I think so.

  • A Voice of America reporter who shook hands with President Joe Biden at the White House Correspondents Dinner has tested positive for the disease.

  • It is time to end insomnia and poor sleep. The genius sleep patch invention will help you wake up refreshed.

  • After its northern neighbor, Belarus, announced military exercises to assess the combat readiness of their armed forces, Ukraine vowed to be ready.

  • Over the weekend, fans began speculating about Pete Davidson's ink, which appears to feature the initials of Kim K and her four children.

  • Russian claims that the Ukrainian military was operating from the theater building are false, according to an Associated Press investigation.

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  • Minority Leader of the United States Senate,Mitch McConnell talked about democrats trying to institute a toddler takeover and deconstruction of whiteness at the Senate session. McConnell criticized the democrats for trying to gain more control over how Americans raise their kids and the roles of parents and kids should play when it comes to children. McConnell claimed that the subsidies would increase the cost and leave fewer options in the market.

  • I am curious as to why you weren't able to re-sign with the Bucks after winning a title. PJ Tucker said to look at Iguodala. He is back at Golden State. He left and was in the shade for a while.

  • A TikToker is showing how she discovered her husband's secret.

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    Catfishes reveal their real faces on social media.

  • Dawn Hughes testified that she had seen effects of trauma in Heard and that she had described physical violence, sexual abuse, and a controlling relationship.

  • Russia said on Wednesday that it had fired two Kalibr cruise missiles at Ukrainian targets from a submarine in the Black Sea and that it would try to hit NATO weapons to Ukraine. Video footage of the missiles being launched from the Black Sea was published by the defence ministry.

  • More than four months after the death of a talented high school quarterback from Georgia, his father disclosed the cause of death.

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    Artist Jirka Vinse Jonatan V wanted what Disney princesses would look like if they were real.

  • When Prince Harry and his wife gave up royal duties in April 2020, they lost their police protection.

  • I was sad. My soul was dead. Heard told a psychologist about the Musk relationship.

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    The psychologist is taking the stand in the defamation case. She claims that Heard experienced multiple instances of sexual assault by Depp, including acavity search and penetration with a bottle.

  • There are a lot of funny people who know what self-irony is.

  • Draymond Green was ejected from the Warriors game against the Memphis Grizzles for making contact with a player and pulling down another player's jersey. Green encouraged the fans to react before leaving the court. Green was booed by the fans of the team after he took an elbow to the eye.

  • A Democratic legislator in Wisconsin referred to women as "birthing bodies" while defending abortion. The leak of a Supreme Court draft that would make abortion illegal in at least 13 states was commented on by Rep. Hong, who serves the 76th Assembly District.

  • What pagers were, and how they worked.

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    A man builds a trap to catch a thief.

  • As Disney grapples with the aftermath of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis revoking the company's special tax district, business leaders around the globe are contemplating their own company values.

  • I hope the government and industry understand the benefits and drawbacks of medical marijuana.

  • The man was arrested at the Hollywood Bowl on Tuesday and was charged with assault with a deadly weapon.