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The sex tape that put Kim on the map wasn't an accident, but a planned event and theKardashians were in on it.

The singer told DailyMail.com that he was the one who leaked the OG tape, and that he was furious theKardashians accused him of holding a sex tape over their heads.

He insists the truth is that the leak wasn't that at all, but a systematic deal brokered between himself, Kim and Kris.

According to Ray J, he joked about putting out a sex tape of his and Kim's relationship in the wake of Paris' video leaking.

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Ray claims Kim jumped on the idea when she talked to her mom, and that he was not aware of it until she signed away her rights.

Ray says he and Kim signed a contract.

The guy claims Kim has always had the original sex tape footage, including a second one they shot in Santa Barbara, under her bed.

Ray claims that he has never had any copies of the footage, and that he has been angry over the fact that theKardashians made it seem as if he was on the verge of releasing it. He gave West a computer and hard drive with some personal content between him and Kim, but he insists there was nothing explicit about it.

It sounds like he might have been triggered by the new series on Hulu. In one of the first episodes, Kim and her friends joke about Ray putting a dildo in her butt, which he is irate over, saying they made him look bad.

It will be interesting to see how theKardashians respond, especially since Kris/Kim have long denied being involved in the release of the tape.