The US is reeling over a leaked draft Supreme Court judgement which could overturn the 1973 ruling that protects the right to get an abortion. Stephen Colbert pointed out that it was not the historical throwback we had been expecting.

Colbert wanted to start the show talking about the Met Gala. I have to talk about a group of people who are out of touch and pretending to be the Supreme Court.

In his monologue on Tuesday, Colbert criticized Justices Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, and Amy ConeyBarrett for their draft joint decision, noting that it directly opposed what they claimed to believe in during their Senate confirmation hearings.

Colbert wondered why the senators didn't hear about the fact that American voters support abortion in all or most cases. They lied because they knew that they wouldn't get the job if they were honest. I don't know what I think is perjury. I am not a good enough liar to be a Supreme Court justice.