According to Variety, a Peacemaker spin-off is in the works after the positive reception of the TV series and the movie, The Suicide Squad, which featured Davis as Waller. She was in a movie that was less positive than Suicide Squad. Variety's sources say that the show will build off of Waller's appearance at the end of the Suicide Squad spinoff series Peacemaker.

Even if you have a star like Viola Davis in the role, it seems like a weird choice to focus on a character. It would be hard to root for her character in a TV series focused on her, and audiences weren't supposed to root for her in the two Suicide Squad movies. Peacemaker was a bad guy in The Suicide Squad, but he already has a charisma that allowed fans to accept his redemption in his show. At least she isn't supposed to have anything like that.

Would she be the head of a new Suicide Squad and send a different group of DC Comics characters to their deaths each episode? Is there a series where she becomes a good guy? Say something in the comments.

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