Firefox on Android

Firefox on Android (Image credit: Android Central)
  • Mozilla has announced the release of the 100th version of Firefox.
  • The latest release is accompanied by a slew of new visual enhancements and functionalities for the browser's mobile and desktop versions.
  • Firefox on Android now supports HTTPS-only connections for all websites you visit, assuming this type of connection is available.

The privacy and security efforts of Mozilla are getting more aggressive. When you visit any website that supports HTTPS, the HTTPS-only mode will be set up for you.

The new security-focused feature is part of the 100th version of Firefox, which is now available on the best phones. The new feature will upgrade your browsing session to a secure connection whenever possible. For websites that still use the internet, the browser will use the secure connection.

It is a step forward in the effort to automatically switch users to HTTPS mode when they visit any website. It all started with the release of Firefox 91 last year, which favors secure web connections by default when you are in a private browsing window.

There is a new option to organize your browsing history on mobile devices.


One way we have done this is by grouping history items by the original item, for example if you're looking for shoes and you've looked at several models, you can find them grouped in one folder under your.

There is a new look to the browser on Android. You can personalize the appearance of your browser on the mobile browser. There will be a wallpapers for the browser on the app store.

Firefox browser wallpaper on mobile

(Image credit: Mozilla)

subtitles and caption are added to picture-in-picture mode on the desktop. This is useful for users with hearing impairments. Initially, the feature will work with websites that support the Web VTT format.

The browser will ask you if you would like to switch to your preferred language. More than 100 languages are supported by the browser.

The credit card autofill feature is being expanded to the UK, France, and Germany. The feature is available in North America.