Meta plans to release a new high-end virtual reality headset this year. There are more details about the product in a report.

According to The Information, Cambria has been described as a laptop for the face or a book for the face. It is believed to have the same specifications as a Chromebook and will use Meta's own virtual reality operating system. It is expected to be compatible with web-based tools and services. Despite Meta pitching the device as a future-of-work device, it may not be able to run native desktop apps.

It is said that Cambria has high-resolution image quality. It would be possible for people to send emails or code while wearing a headset. It might be viable for professional purposes.

The cameras will give wearers a view of their surroundings. This feature will allow for mixed-reality experiences. Meta said that the headset will include eye- tracking and facial expression recognition features. Users in the likes of Horizon Worlds and Workrooms will be able to see where they are looking.

The headset is heavier due to the larger battery. It appears that this is at the back for better balance.

According to reports, Cambria will cost over $799. According to the report, it was originally supposed to be released last year, but was delayed due to supply chain issues and other problems.

Meta plans to release three more headsets in the next few years as it presses forward with its metaverse ambitions. According to The Information, Meta will release a successor to Cambria, called Funston, in 2024. Meta plans to release its first augmented reality glasses in 2024.