You can now share Spotify songs and playlists easily with your Snapchat friends – here’s how


  • Snapchat users can now share on the platform what they’re listening to on Spotify.
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  • With the new integration, taking a song, playlist, artist, or album from Spotify will turn it into a widget on Snapchat that is clickable and easy to share.
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  • Here’s how you can use the newest integration to share your favorite music with your Snapchat friends, add a soundtrack to the Snaps you send, and listen to the music that your friends post.
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Snapchat has finally added Spotify into its platform, playing catch-up more than a year after Instagram added a feature making it even easier to share music from the streaming giant.

Since the beginning of September, Snapchat has been rolling out a new integration onto its platform that makes it easier to share with friends the songs, playlists, or podcasts you’ve been listening to. Music is a key player in the world of social media – just look at the popularity of streaming services and music-based apps like TikTok – and Snapchat has finally taken some notice.

Instagram integrated music into Stories – which ironically, it copied from Snapchat – well over a year ago, and users have taken advantage of it to share their favorite songs or what track symbolizes their current mood. With Snapchat, the new Spotify integration works with not only songs, but playlists, podcasts, artists, and albums.

Here’s how to use the Spotify widget to share what you’re listening to with your friends on Snapchat: