Yes, this certainly is a trailer for a real movie where The Banana Splits murder people


Back in February, we reported on the latest convulsion in pop culture’s ongoing efforts to choke on its own cherished nostalgia: An attempt by Syfy to bring back semi-remembered children’s entertainers The Banana Splits. As murderers.

What we couldn’t have guessed back then-in those innocent, halcyon, pre- The Banana Splits Movie trailer days-is that these new Splits are not merely killers; they’re evil robot killers, the inbred spawn of 5 Nights At Freddy’s and the diseased imagination of Sid and Marty Kroft. This twist was made clear in the trailer for the film, which came out today, and which confirms that, yep, sure as shootin’, this is a movie where The Banana Splits kill the fuck out of a whole lot of people.

The Banana Splits Movie will debut on Blu-Ray and DVD this summer, and will be available immediately in the film library of your weirdest friend-you know the one, he collects animation cels from old Jabberjaw cartoons and always smells vaguely of body odor and Boo Berry cereal. (Cool guy, though.) It’ll also air on Syfy later this year.