Winky The Bichon Frise Loses At Westminster Agility But Wins The Internet


Rudy, the little bulldog that could, gained a legion of fans at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show as he attacked the course in the agility competition on Sunday.

But a fluffier, less determined dog named Winky also grabbed the spotlight with a decidedly different approach to the apparatus. The bichon frise’s complete lack of urgency may have lost the competition, but it won the hearts of the crowd and people who viewed the run ― er, stroll ― through the tunnels and over the obstacles.

When Winky reached the top of the A-frame, it seemed like the perfect time to stop and take a look around. And when crossing the dog walk, the bichon stopped again to acknowledge the cheers of the crowd.

Winky’s final time of 192 seconds, which included 92 faults, was nowhere near Rudy’s time of 51.63 or winner Verb’s time of 32.05.

But Winky’s fan club may rival Rudy’s.

“Figure out who you are, and do it on purpose”- Winky, the Bichon Frise

One day, I hope to have half the confidence of Winky.

– Emma J Chory (@chorye) February 13, 2019

I can hear Madonna… What you lookin’ at VOGUE VOGUE VOGUE!
🐾 🐾 WINKY💕💕

– 🌊⚓Vote BLUE 2020 #NeverBernie⚓🌊 (@RiderBabe52) February 13, 2019

Winky is here for the showing off part of things. So adorable😆 #WestminsterDogShow

– Shelly-Ann Brown (@yourbestbyfaith) February 13, 2019