What’s the Best Picnic Blanket?


Steppin’ Out Week With sun-drenched days upon us, the outdoors is your oyster. All this week, we’ve got tips and recommendations for everything from urban park excursions to backcountry backpacking, so let these guides help spark your next adventure.

Your city probably hosts its fair share of free outdoor concerts and movie screenings in the park around this time of year, and they’re a great excuse to enjoy the summer evenings and spend time outdoors. But if you don’t want to wake up the next morning with bug bits all over your butt, you’ll want to bring a good blanket to sit on.

Update: See which blanket won this week’s Co-Op, and check out our finalists too.

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It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, but the ultra-cheap Haul-Master Mover’s Blanket smothered…

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The ideal picnic blanket is lightweight, big enough for multiple people, and easy to wash, but those are just the base level considerations. There are different materials, blankets with built-in stakes, and of course, personal style to consider as well. So for The Inventory’s Steppin’ Out week, we want to hear from you about your favorite picnic blanket.

1) Your nomination should contain the name of a specific picnic blanket, why you think it’s the best, a link where it can be purchased, and an image.

2) You can nominate multiple products, but please put each one in a separate comment.

3) Vote by starring someone else’s nomination.

4) Please do not duplicate nominations.