We Drank And Tried Out 4 Different Hangover Cures, Here’s Which Ones Worked Best

Hello, everyone, we are Farrah and Chris and we like drinking. Like pretty much anyone on this good Earth, we also don’t like hangovers. So when we discovered there were a lot of products being marketed as hangover “cures,” we decided to try them out to see how well they worked.
After doing a little bit of research, we found four different hangover brands that promise to help you out after a night of drinking. We tried each of them then – instead of stars – we rated them out of wine glasses with one being the lowest and five being the highest.
Overall, our favorites ended up being the “cures” that came in pill form. Even though Zero Hour Detox required you to remember to take a pill after every two drinks, it proved in the end that it DID work. Flyby was a little easier since we only had to take the pills before and after drinking, and it ended up working just as well. BUT! Every body is different, so it’s worth trying out different products if you really want to prevent those nasty hangovers.