Watching Tom Brady Shank His Way Around A Golf Course Is the Charity Event We’re Here For


It’s a weird Sunday when Tom Brady loses. And that happened today at The Match II.

A day before the round, one Super Bowl champion, Eli Manning, told Tom Brady that he should avoid “the lumberyard.”

For the first couple holes, Brady did not follow Eli’s advice.

At that time, renowned worm killer Charles Barkley would have made a better partner to Phil Mickleson.

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On the front nine of “The Match” Brady was hitting his ball all over creation, from water to woods. Thankfully, the format was “best ball,” so we did not keep score.

Still, it seemed like everyone had something to say about Brady’s golf game.

And when Brady kept struggling, Brooks Koepka gave TB12 some motivation.

But on the seventh hole, Brady holed out for birdie from over one hundred yards out.

And Koepka came back with another offer.

On the next hole, however, Brady returned to the drink, finding water yet again. Koepka did not donate another $100K. And it was not until the 11th hole that Brady and Mickelson finally managed to win a hole, on a nice eagle putt from Brady.

By that time, it was pretty much over. The “alternate shot” component of the match made the competition interesting but the pouring rain didn’t help Brady and Phil and their comeback hopes.

Maybe it was the weather, or the cameras, or pressure that threw Brady off. But he did not live up to the 8 handicap, at least on the front nine. He looked more like an 18 handicap for the rest of the round.

Few athletes are willing to put themselves into a national spotlight in a sport other than the one where they make their bones, so it was refreshing to see the typically polished QB look mortal, and for a good cause, raising $20M for COVID relief.

If this five-hour celebrity golf classic showed anything it’s that Brady is OK at something. He may be the best football player of all time. He may have won more super bowls than and have a supermodel wife, but today he showed that he can be mediocre at something, too. And he could let us all watch.

It’s weird seeing Brady lose on a Sunday in Florida. But, then again, this be might something we have to get used to.