Val Chmerkovskiy and Jenna Johnson Want Cheer’s Monica and Jerry to Compete on DWTS: They ‘Would Be Fabulous’


Cheer-ing with the stars?

Dancing with the Stars‘ Val Chmerkovskiy and Jenna Johnson are big fans of cheerleading docuseries and they would love to see some of the series’ stars, including coach Monica Aldama and cheerleader Jerry Harris, compete on their show.

“I see, first of all, commitment and discipline,” Chmerkovskiy, 33, tells People Now. “It would be a fresh perspective shift for [Monica] to get some tough love and coaching from me. She’s very tough on her students and she does a great job creating her program and I want to do the same for her.”

follows the highly successful Navarro College cheerleading team as they prepare to compete at the National Championship. Last week, the team and its coach met the DWTS cast on tour.

“A strong woman leading an extraordinary program of young men and women consistently be at their full potential,” the DWTS dancer captioned a photo with Aldama on Sunday. “All of your students were kind and gracious and I know that is a product of a culture that starts from the top. All the best to you and your program. Hope to see you on #dwts one day soon.”

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“Wow! You’re so kind. We were honored to be at your show and can’t wait to meet again,” the coach commented on the post.

As for who on the cheer team the DWTS squad would love to see? None other than Harris!

“[Jerry] would be fabulous,” Johnson, 25, tells People Now. “And even meeting him, he’s so genuine and so positive and you can tell that people navigate toward him because he has this great energy about him. I think he would be amazing.”

Chmerkovskiy said that the interest and love for cheerleading after Cheer‘s success compares to the love for ballroom dancing because of DWTS.

“When DWTS exploded on the scene, before that, no one cared about ballroom dancing at all and all of a sudden we’re household names,” he explained. “With them, it’s very similar and they’re so humble about it and so fresh to it.”

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“We’re big fans of the show and it’s a world that no one really cared about until the Netflix show erupted,” he continued. “They’re great kids.”

Chmerkovskiy and Johnson’s comments about the Cheer stars came before DWTS decided to end its Live! tour due to concerns regarding the coronavirus.

“To so many Dancing With The Stars has become a family tradition….” wrote Chmerkovsiy on Instagram, sharing the DWTS statement. “We now as a family have to face the unfortunate reality of the situation we are currently in. This tour wasn’t supposed to end on these terms but life happens and not always how we planned it. To all the fans that never got a chance to see this cast perform we are truly sorry for this announcement, this was not a call made by any of the performers on that stage, but it was a decision that would’ve almost felt insensitive not to make at this time.”

“We hope everyone stays safe and takes care of themselves as we all, as a nation, as a family navigate through these unusual times,” he continued. “What I can say is that this will pass. And if we are all vigilant we can make this pass sooner than later. The show will go on, as soon as this pandemic is dealt with.”