Tom Brady Is Trying to Trademark ‘Tom Terrific’ – and New York Mets Fans Are Pretty Mad


Tom Brady is looking for a new nickname, but his recent pick has him in some hot water.

PEOPLE confirmed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office that on May 24, TEB Capital Management Inc. – Brady’s management agency – filed two trademark applications for the phrase “Tom Terrific.”

One was filed for “collectible trading cards, sports trading cards, posters, printed photographs,” while the second application was filed for “T-shirts and shirts,” per the office’s press secretary.

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While the nickname has been used in reference to the New England Patriots’ quarterback and his achievements in the past, according to The Washington Post, the title was already claimed by former New York Mets Hall of Fame pitcher Tom Seaver, though never officially patented or trademarked.

And now, many Mets fans are furious with Brady, and the team even called out the trademark office over Twitter in regard to the request.

“Hey @uspto, with all due respect to @TomBrady…There’s only one #TomTerrific to us. #LGM #Mets,” the New York Mets tweeted alongside a photo of Seaver.

One Mets fan even called Brady’s request a “vulture” move given the fact that Seaver’s family announced his dementia diagnosis in March, along with his decision to refrain from any more public appearances.

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“The one and only Tom Terrific,” the fan tweeted a photo of Seaver. “Tom Brady has all the rings. He doesn’t need to vulture a nickname from a Hall of Famer and Champion in Tom Seaver, who had the nickname before Brady was even born. It’s especially galling timing from the Brady camp given Seaver’s health.”

According to the trademark applications – available on the office’s website – both requests were filed under a “1(b)” basis, which is an “intent to use” request. According to The Washington Post, this means that Brady and his company are planning a line of products with “Tom Terrific” on them.

The New England Patriots did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment about the trademark request.