Today Is Your Lucky Day if You’ve Been Wanting a Pair of High-Heeled Crocs


It’s Friday the 13th, which means a bunch of unlucky stuff is supposed to happen, and it looks like the feared day is starting off strong! If you wince at the sight of Swiss cheese-looking Crocs, then you’re definitely going to hate today. Joy! The widely divisive shoe brand just tried to become more fashionable and introduced a high-heeled version of its ordinarily flat slingbacks.

Yes, indeed. There are now high-heeled Crocs for the person who wants to elevate their look but remain comfortable at the same time.

Crocs have already solidified their status as a trendy staple among the fashion crowd with platform and sock-lined styles coming from Balenciaga and Alife, but the high-heeled ones take the cake!

These beauties are available now on Amazon so it’s time to decide what kind of person you want to be.