This Watermelon Wedger Cuts Perfect Slices in Seconds


I am always suspicious of single-use slicers and dicers, but I am truly in aw of this watermelon wedger. It’s particularly helpful during BBQ season, when serving lots of fresh melon wedges is of the utmost importance.

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With this giant, pie-shaped slicer, you can break down a melons of up to 16 inches in diameter into 12 perfect wedges (and one long melon rod) in abut 10 seconds. It’s a surprisingly hefty, solid-feeling piece of metal with large, easy to grab handles, but not very sharp-if you’ve ever worked with an apple slicer/corer, just imagine that, but watermelon-sized. Though the instructions claim you only need to slice off the bottom bit of the melon (for stability), I found I couldn’t get the slicer into the fruit without taking a bit off the top as well. But once I took a little slice off both ends, the slicer slid through with one, not-that-hard push. (Though it does help to place the melon on a surface that is slightly lower surface-like a table-rather than a high counter top.) A $20 slicer might seem like a bit of a splurge, but if you eat and serve a lot of melon at your summer soirees, it’s the fastest, neatest way to get the fruit ready for eating.