This Is the PS5


While Microsoft has already shared a number of details about the Xbox Series X, Sony has taken a more cautious approach for its next-gen console. But today, following an absolute deluge of trailers for upcoming games, Sony finally gave us a glimpse at the PS5.

Sporting a features including 4K Ultra HD Blu Ray support, real-time Ray Tracing, 3D audio, an ultra-high speed SSD, and of course a new controller, at least on paper, the PS5 should be a decent match for the Xbox Series X. However, when it comes to its exterior design, Sony is going a very different direction.

While the PS5 shares a vertical orientation with the Xbox Series X, things quickly diverge from there with the PS5 sporting a more organic design with flowing lines and a two-toned black and white design. On top of that, it seems there will two versions of the PS5: a standard model with a built-in Blu-Ray drive and a slightly slimmer PS5 Digital Edition.

This story is still developing…