This Airpod Hack Will Make Sure You Never Lose Them Again

Ever since I got a pair of AirPods six months, 15 days, and three hours ago, my life has pretty much changed. I wear my AirPods on my commute, on jogs, to meetings, to date nights, to church, to the bathroom, etc. etc.

To be fair, most of the time it’s by accident because I always forget to take them out. But also, I’m prone to losing things so my AirPods are just safer in my ears.

And to make sure I never lose the case, I bought a silicon case so I could attach a tracker (aka my Tile) to it. I’m neurotic, sue me. (But please do it five times in a row, with exactly seven seconds in between each attempt.)

Recently, I was scrolling through Reddit, aka my favorite search engine, when I discovered a little AirPod-storing trick that’ll make sure I never misplace them again – at least when I’m in front of a laptop.
The trick? The next time you need to take off your AirPods, simply stick them on your laptop. The magnet in the screen will make sure your little ones stay exactly where you left ’em, in your line of sight.

If you’re worried about the magnet damaging your laptop or your AirPods, well, never fear. Both your laptop AND your AirPod case are already magnetized, so you’re not exposing either one to a foreign entity that will somehow mess with how they work.

According to Protect Your Gadget, it IS technically possible to damage a laptop’s hard drive with a magnet, but it would take a very powerful magnet to do the job. And an AirPod is a lot of things, but it is not that.

Just make sure you don’t work in an office that might want to rob you of the immense wealth and influence your AirPods bring you.