These are the best sports games for Android in 2020!


Best Sports Games for Android Android Central 2020

After a few golden years of fantastic entries, most mobile sports games have succumbed to the freemium model. There are few quality titles available that just let you jump into the game without having to deal with player cards, pointless upgrades, or waiting for ‘stamina meters’ to refill. Nearly all the top mobile sports game franchises have switched over to a team-building system that requires you to unlock (or buy) card packs to upgrade your team. But there are still great games to be played. We’ve tried to cover the five major North American sports here – football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and, ahem, soccer – with the best available options for each.

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Mobile sports games are hit or miss

The current state of sports games for mobile, as a whole, is pretty miserable. The vast majority of sports games I’ve checked out are straight up trash, but there are some true gems, and I’ve done my best to highlight them above. I’d still love to see a quality hockey game released and wish EA Sports would release games like 2K Sports did with NBA 2K20, but there’s clearly more money to be made with the free-to-play model.

NBA 2K20 is the best sports game for Android – and I’m not even a huge fan of basketball. There’s just so much content included that make it well worth paying the full price. I’d also recommend Grand Mountain Adventure, which is a beautiful game that you can try out for free before paying to unlock the rest of the game.

Want something a bit less sporty? We have a list of the best Android games overall, too.

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