There Is No GOP Obamacare Replacement, There Never Has Been And There May Never Be


If you’re the sort of person who still believes President ‘s promises on Donald Trump health care, there’s probably nothing at this point that could dissuade you from the notion that Republicans have a “fix” at the ready to replace ” Obamacare.”

This is, to put it in simple terms, hogwash. And it’s the same hogwash Trump and the GOP have been trying to pour down America’s throat for a decade.

Here is the truth: Trump has no idea what he wants to do about the serious flaws in the American health care system.

What Trump and his “party of health care” have failed to come even close to doing is proposing a credible alternative plan that would achieve anything close to the Affordable Care Act’s results. Quite the contrary, in fact.

Trump backing a lawsuit to shatter the Affordable Care Act and making transparently meaningless promises about health care reform is even more ridiculous because Democrats control the House.

As president, Trump has shown time and again that his real health care agenda amounts to less health care, less security and fewer people covered. Trump has used many tools to undermine and sabotage Affordable Care Act programs ― which he straight-up promised to do as soon as he took office. It’s one of the few promises he’s kept.