The Stylish Face Masks That GQ Editors Swear By


Not long after the question of whether wearing a face mask outside was necessary had been definitively put to bed, GQ staffers found themselves grappling with a much less consequential but oh-so-much trickier question: Are there such things as truly stylish ? After a socially-distanced summer of bold prints, streetwear logos, and way-far-out face coverings, there’s no doubt about it. So we asked the magazine’s staffers about their go-to stylish masks. For some, the most stylish option is the most effective and unremarkable: the humble disposable surgical mask. Others simply pulled a trusty scarf, bandana, or breathable gaiter from their closet. And still others have rooted out the most breathable fabrics, most comfortable ear ties, and most eye-catching prints from the thousands of upstart manufacturers, long-standing apparel brands, and Etsy entrepreneurs now selling cloth coverings. Here’s a look at the masks our editors wear the most.

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