The Often-Overlooked Accessory That Instantly Elevates an Instagram Feed


Last week, I finally jumped on the bandwagon and upgraded my phone from the X to the iPhone 11 Pro Max (hello, wide-lens!) and found myself suddenly without a phone case. My previous phone had a fun yellow case on it that made every mirror selfie I took feel just a bit happier, and now staring at my new naked iPhone it hit me just how much your case changes the whole vibe of your phone.

A few scrolls through Instagram later, and it was clear-the phone case one of the most underrated accessories, yet it appears in literally every mirror selfie taken. Scrolling through the feeds of my favorite fashion people only further confirmed just how many photos your phone actually appears in, and it motivated me to hunt down a new one that sparks joy for me stat. Since I spent quite a bit of time hunting down the best case (I finally went with a chic black croc version), I figured I’d share my findings in case you too were in the market for a new phone case. Below are 21 cute iPhone 11 cases that will elevate your mirror selfie game immediately.