The Last Blockbuster Sleepover


Manager Sandi Harding has been keeping ’90s dreams alive since 2004 by maintaing the very last Blockbuster. This September, she’s doubling down on the nostalgia with a sleep over inside the store. Deschutes County residents will have the chance to relive their childhoods and spend the night browsing the shelves socked with new released from the 1990s. Guest can head to the pull out couch or plop down on a bean bag and settle in for the ultimate movie marathon – Nerds and popcorn included. Of course, a complete scrub down will be take place before you arrive and masks, disinfectant wipes, and hand sanitizer will be in full supply. Once the final round of guests have ended their stay, Blockbuster customers will be able to come visit the space. Out of town fans still have a chance to get in on the action. Give the store a ring on your and their callgorithm will help you find the perfect flick to watch.

Photos: Airbnb