The ‘Frozen 2’ trailer is here! See Elsa and Anna prepare for battle


Brace yourselves, “Frozen” fans! The day you’ve been waiting a long, long – seriously long – time for is here.

The first trailer for the sequel to the blockbuster animated feature is out! And we’ve got good news: It was worth the wait.

The two-minute tease from Walt Disney Animation Studios reveals that dark times have befallen Arendelle once again in “Frozen 2,” and the royal women of the land – along with their trusty pals – are ready to fight back against mysterious forces.

The clip opens with Queen Elsa standing before a stormy shore and wearing a look of determination viewers haven’t seen since she erected her ice palace in the first film. Suddenly, she runs right into the surf, freezing the surface with every step until a wave overpowers her.

Undaunted, she unleashes some frosty fury on the tide and tries again.

Back home at the castle, Princess Anna sees the darkness illuminated by strange, snowflake-like patterns of blue light. Elsewhere, an intensely serious Kristoff races through the woods on the back of his devoted reindeer Sven, as a team of other reindeer follows.

What’s it all about? What are they all racing toward or running away from?

That will likely remain a mystery until the movie hits theaters this fall, but the trailer reveals that, whatever it is, the characters at the heart of the story – including snowman Olaf – will eventually face it together.

And one of them in particular seems poised to save the day.

In the trailer’s final scene, Elsa, Anna and Kristoff can be seen roaming through a forest together, when the princess pauses and seems to sense danger. Anna then brings the dramatic clip to a close by grabbing Kristoff’s blade and slashing into an unseen menace.

See more when “Frozen 2” opens nationwide on Nov. 22.