The Best Annual Events in Aruba


While the most popular time to visit Aruba is from December to April, travelers might want to consider planning a trip outside peak season to take advantage of the island’s most exciting events. The summer, fall, and early winter months are when the calendar really heats up, with locals and guests alike celebrating everything from music festivals and windsurfing competitions to regattas, road races, and clean-up efforts.

Below, a month-by-month guide to Aruba’s best annual events to help you time your visit just right.

Aruba Summer Music Festival Aruba Hi-Winds Aruba Symphony Festival & Academy Aruba International Regatta One Cool Summer International Dragrace Aruba Wine and Dine Restaurant Week Turibana Loop 10.5K Race Aruba Reef Care Project Presidential Aruba Caribbean Cup National Coastal Clean Up Love Festival Aruba Aruba Fashion Week Saint Nicolas Day >>Next: Plan your trip with AFAR’s travel guide to Aruba.