The Affordable Coats Our Editors Are Buying to Look Expensive


A chic winter wardrobe might seem like it costs more than a summer one (hey, you have to wear more clothing when it’s cold), but it’s also easier to look expensive in winter than in any other season. The reason? Outerwear. No matter what you’re wearing, throw a nice coat on over it and voilà, your outfit looks 10 times more expensive. But not just any coat will do. We always make an effort to shop for expensive-looking outerwear that’s not going to blow our budget for the season in one fell swoop. If that’s your MO for winter as well, we’re here to help.

Us editors, each basically shopping experts in our own right, named our favorite affordable coats in an effort to inspire your next outerwear purchase. Each of these options looks truly expensive and will, in turn, make your entire outfit look expensive. Keep scrolling to shop our picks, all of which will keep you warm and make you look more stylish this winter.