The 3 booming products to sell online in 2019


The e-Commerce does not stop climbing positions and has already become the preferred method of purchase by consumers, especially the younger generations. If you have an eCommerce stay with us and we tell you the E-Commerce Trends 2019 that will triumph insurance.

E-Commerce is revolutionizing traditional purchasing systems and is constantly advancing by introducing new strategies, techniques and models to optimize online shopping and improve customer experience. In fact, currently 7 out of 10 Internet users acquire their products online including some specific products like CBD Oil, luxury watches and so on.

This is why companies require professionals with knowledge not only commercial, but marketing and digital strategies, and leadership skills, not only to lead the sales department, but because both this and the marketing work together and achieves desired sales goals. Payment methods or personalization of processes or Social Commerce are some of the trends for e-Commerce this 2019.

Trends in e-Commerce for this 2019

The cash disappears

Already in the e-commerce trends for 2018 we talked about innovative and technological methods that will replace cash. In US alone, the number of operations made to withdraw cash in ATMs has decreased in the second quarter of 2018 by 0.2 percent. Due to the emergence of new distribution channels, competition has increased and marketing models are more complex than ever, which increases the need to optimize the monitoring of prices and payment methods.

In 2018 we expected a strong concern with security when it comes to paying for our products, with the appearance of new payment methods. We already find tools such as Apple or Samsung Pay, which allow us to pay through our phones, without the need to carry money, and just by passing the screen through a reader.

New systems such as Face ID for iPhone X, would lay the foundation for a new year with increasingly agile and simple payments. But it also reopens the debate about the security and reliability of secure payments in electronic stores.

On the other hand, in payment methods, coupled with traditional mechanisms such as the credit card and the novelty of the blockchain, there is a trend in financing and lines of credit (it is like a credit card but without plastic) as an alternative payment in many more e-commerce stores (eg Media Markt, Samsung, etc.), from fintech solutions to those backed by traditional banking.

Indeed 2018 has been the year where these new technologies have been put to the test and 2019 will be the year where they will be consolidated. But this growth will continue to grow exponentially, according to the Washington Post, 70% of people believe that mobile payments will exceed cash and cards by 2030.

Also the new forms of online payment available through cryptocurrencies have reached eCommerce. In addition to being a convenient and safe method allows fast transactions without the need to carry a card. Undoubtedly, eCommerce must continue to improve the payment methods in 2019 if they want to remain at the forefront of the market.

3 market booming eCommerce products

CBD products

CBD has become a popular figure in the world of health in recent years. CBD oils, CBD bath bombs, CBD creams and CBD edibles have succeeded in attracting much attention from many people including researchers to carry out studies related to the benefits of CBD for health. On the other hand, the popularity of marijuana as a medicinal plant has helped CBD products to reach the first list of trending markets. CBD products are very popular and of course this is the reason why every serious eCommerce actor must consider them. Not only products, some CBD companies also provide what is called the CBD Oil for every lay person who wants to sell CBD products without having to buy and store them independently.

Household appliances

Refrigerators, mixers, microwaves, refrigerators, washes, among other items of high value are part of this category. Therefore, home appliances are products that normally lead the highest billing ranking. The problem of this segment is the need for great amounts to invest in the purchase of the products and the space needed for their storage. If you already own a physical store that works with these items, it is worthwhile to evaluate whether the prices you are using are competitive with the big stores and invest in this strategy to expand your business.


Large virtual stores tend to use a lower price strategy to excel in this category. However, customers often look for stores that convey confidence and are able to explain technical information in a simple and understandable way to the buyer. Therefore, it is possible to differentiate your online store through inbound marketing strategies, such as blog posts and videos, something little used by the big online retailers.

eCommerce is definitely the future for the marketing world, in 2019 and in the coming years.