Sophie Turner Reveals She Didn’t Tell Her Parents She Auditioned for Game of Thrones


Sophie Turner auditioned for her role in Game of Thrones at just 13 years old and forgot to let her mom know she was trying out for the series.

Turner, 23, who rose to fame for her eight-season run as Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones, sat down with her Dark Phoenix costar Jessica Chastain for Vogue Paris, explaining that her mom was unaware of her initial audition for the HBO role.

Turner’s admission came as the two actresses were discussing their families, after Chastain, 42, asked, “so what did your parents say when you told them you wanted to get involved?”

“Well, I didn’t tell my parents I auditioned for Game of Thrones, they just kind of found out,” Turner replied, much to her costar’s surprise.

Turner – who recently became a married woman to Joe Jonas – went on to explain that the fantasy drama’s casting director, Nina Gold, went around to multiple schools, searching for young actors and actresses to join the series.

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“Me and all my friends auditioned,” she continued. “We just thought it was kind of a fun, jokey thing to do. And then I just got call back, after call back.”

As she grew closer to landing her role as the eventual Queen of the North, Turner decided to tell her parents about her secret auditions.

“My parents found out when I was in the final seven, and then my mom kind of freaked out, and she called my dad and said, ‘I don’t know if we can do this.'” Turner added. “But my dad said, ‘Shut up, this is what she has wanted her whole life. You have to let her give it a go.'”

After Turner landed mom and dad’s approval to join the show, Sally Turner became one of her daughter’s biggest supporters upon learning that she landed the role that would eventually cause her career to take off.

“She jumped on me and said, ‘You got the part,’ and we both ran and jumped in the pool and ate loads of pizza that whole day. It was the best day ever,” the actress said with a smile.

Turner’s role as Sansa Stark proved to be a game-changer for the start of her acting career, being a part of one of the most popular television shows ever, while her character was positively received.

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The actress – who recently transitioned to the superhero genre with her role as Jean Grey/Phoenix in the latest X-Men film Dark Phoenix – ended her Game of Thrones run as the strategic Stark sister with a heartfelt tribute on Instagram before the show’s controversial finale last month.

“Sansa, Thank you for teaching me resilience, bravery and what true strength really is,” Turner began the tribute. “Thank you for teaching me to be kind and patient and to lead with love.”

The tribute featured photos of herself and her fellow cast members, including BFF and on-screen sister, Maisie Williams.

“I grew up with you,” she added. “I fell in love with you at 13 and now 10 years on.. at 23 I leave you behind. “But I will never leave behind what you’ve taught me.”