Sophie Turner and Conan O’Brien play tequila slaps, which is just what it sounds like


While it may be true that Dark Phoenix isn’t doing especially well in either the critical or box office realms, everyone’s favorite Queen Of The North Sophie Turner seems to be having the time of her life. Appearing on Wednesday’s Conan, the current screen Jean Grey delightedly regaled Conan O’Brien with some offscreen Game Of Thrones gossip now that everyone’s watch has ended. (At least for most of us-Turner claims she hasn’t worked up the emotional courage to watch the last two episodes yet.) For example, Turner and co-star, screen sister, and real-life bestie Maisie Williams used to lean into the rumors about them dating by occasionally making out during takes. (Also, Turner said, “sometimes you just want to make out with your best friend.”) And, as Turner shared, the bladder-restricting corsetry of herself and the rest of the Westeros women is her proof that that stupid coffee cup wasn’t hers, since, as she put it, drinking anything while in costume means “I either piss myself or I throw up.” (She blames Kit Harington, telling Conan mischievously, “Kit is lazy and I think he would have done that.”)

Solid burn there, although perhaps not as hot as the one Turner laid on Conan’s cheek when she-pulling out what looked to be a bottle of very good tequila-demonstrated one of her favorite location drinking games called, perhaps prosaically, “tequila slaps.” Telling O’Brien that she and her castmates take turns doing shots of tequila and then attempting to open-hand smack the booze out of each others’ mouths before they swallow, Turner did, well, exactly that. And while Turner consoled the slow-burning Conan afterward that she’s hit other players a lot harder, this was no chummy stage slap that she doled out to her host, the resounding, fleshy thwack leaving the Conan audience as momentarily stunned as was O’Brien, who gave one of his all-time finest blank, nonplussed, to-camera stares of all time. Trusty sidekick Andy Richter said of the stunt prior to the boozy violence, “It’s more of a kink than a game,” something Conan’s red-faced post-slap reaction (“Man, you don’t screw around!”) appeared to bear out, frankly. As Andy summed up both Turner and Conan’s shenanigans, “You’ve got to commit to the bit.”