Six of the Best Fleabag Jumpsuit Knock-Offs


You’ve binge-watched both seasons of and now you have a new style icon. You’ve probably searched “fleabag jumpsuit” or “black jumpsuit” five or six times on your phone, hoping to find the right one. Well, it does exist for purchase at SilkFred, but chances are, they’re out of stock or don’t sell your size. Plus, if you live in the US, you’d have to shell out $20 for shipping.

Instead of crying into your computer, you can settle for a different black jumpsuit. These six options might not be *the* Fleabag jumpsuit, but they do the job that needs to be done. You can get some options with plunging necklines, a few backless beauties, or some budget-friendly options.

Jumpsuits With a Plunging Neckline

If you’re looking to show off some skin and collarbone, but still need to keep everything in place, this Fraiche by J jumpsuit is the way to go. Not only can you highlight your cleavage with this look you can also manage to go partially backless.

If you love deep necklines, you might also enjoy a nice slit in your dresses and jumpsuits. This GUESS cutout wide-leg jumpsuit hugs your body in all of the right places, without hiding everything away.

Not everyone feels like bearing it all with a plunging neckline. If backless is more your style, you can still channel your inner Fleabag with the Thinking Out Loud Backless Jumpsuit from Lulus. If you’re trying to expand your wardrobe past different shades of black, this jumpsuit is also available in black, white, royal blue, red, magenta, hunter green, plum purple, and navy blue.

If you liked the high neckline of the Fleabag jumpsuit and that it was backless, but didn’t love all of the cleavage, then this is the option for you. The Moment for Life Halter Jumpsuit from Lulus has a dramatic back, but looks like business as usual up front.

Budget-Friendly Jumpsuits

Not everyone wants to spend $60+ on a jumpsuit. If you can get one from Forever 21 for cheaper, why wouldn’t you? This chiffon flare jumpsuit is for those who are looking to highlight their front while having ample coverage in the back, with just a little hint of skin.

Backless jumpsuits and revealing necklines aren’t for everyone. If you were inspired by Fleabag to get a black jumpsuit, but want to show off a little less skin, this H&M jumpsuit will do the trick. More than any of the others, it looks comfy enough to pass out on the end of your bed in after a night out.