ShopBack GO No Longer Requires ‘Activation’ – Add Your Credit Card for Extra Cashback in Physical Restaurants


Late last year, I wrote about the opportunity to not only earn additional cashback (on top of whatever your credit cards give you – be it cashback or miles!) on online purchases but also at restaurants where a physical card is utilised (yes, this includes mobile payments!). ShopBack GO has been rewarding smart consumers in Singapore for the longest time and today, they have made it officially easier to earn cashback on those ‘offline’ transactions!

Click HERE to find out more about how ShopBack GO works!

If you do not already have a ShopBack account, signing-up for one using my referral link will get you an additional S$5 bonus. If you have been following this website for a while, there is a good chance that you have great interest in travel and luxury lifestyle – remember, clicking through ShopBack will ensure that you get that additional cashback which you would have otherwise forgone if you went directly to the brand’s website (e.g. 12% additional cashback for hotel bookings made on Expedia).

You used to have to activate cashback on ShopBack prior to making payment in order to benefit from that additional cashback. Yes, we are talking about those offline transactions that you make physically at restaurants like most normal people do – you can earn an average of 5% cashback on these transactions on top of the reward points that your credit card may give. One of my personal favourite combination is using the UOB Preferred Platinum Visa for miles (4mpd) and then getting an additional 5% cashback if it is a participating merchant on ShopBack GO. Now, all ShopBack customers will only have to link their credit card to enjoy additional cashback across 600+ merchants in Singapore – activation is no longer required!

While you no longer need to ‘activate’ an offer in order to get additional cashback from offline merchants via ShopBack GO, it may still be worthwhile to check on your app since there is sometimes a supersized offer for first-time visits (e.g. 10% instead of 5%).