Sharp Twitter Critics Jab ‘Childish’ Trump Campaign T-Shirt Featuring ‘Pencil-Neck’ Schiff


The Trump campaign joined the playground bullies’ club on Friday to profit from Donald Trump’s latest name-calling insult. The campaign is peddling T-shirts featuring Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) as a “pencil neck” – ouch – after Trump called him “little pencil-neck Adam Schiff” at a campaign rally in Michigan this week. Someone on Twitter thought Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, had already captured that particular title.

“Got the smallest, thinnest neck I’ve ever seen,” Trump said, referring to Schiff, not Kushner, at the rally. “He is not a long ball hitter.”

Critics on Twitter mostly loved to snap back urging people to “Be Best” – the slogan of First Lady Melania Trump ‘s mission to battle bullying and apparently aiming to bring civility back to America.

They also cautioned that it’s probably not a good idea to make fun of someone else’s neck when you may have some neck issues of your own. Politico reported that shortly after he was elected Trump complained during a meeting with media execs about unflattering photos of him – and indicated that pictures emphasizing his double chin were particularly unwelcome.

Others had kinder, gentler ideas for T-shirts. Some gave just as ugly as they saw.

Little Pencil-Neck Adam Schiff

He spent two years knowingly and unlawfully lying and leaking. He should be forced to resign from Congress!

Everyone should buy a Pencil-Neck Adam Schiff shirt today!

BUY Now:

– Official Team Trump (@TeamTrump) March 29, 2019

The vast majority of 6 year olds in the schoolyard are more mature than this.
And it’s in response to a moving speech by House Intelligence Chair Schiff’s #IDontThinkItsOkay
His speech contained no untrue statements, and that is foreign territory for Trump enablers.

– Paul Begley (@yelgeb) March 30, 2019

History will remember Schiff’s speech yesterday as the height of courage & patriotism-the very opposite of Trump. #ReleaseTheFullReportNOW

– Rysa Walker (@RysaWalker) March 30, 2019

Grifters gonna grift. #TeamTreason

– Chair Leg of Truth 🌊🇺🇸🌊🇺🇸🌊🇺🇸🌊 (@BottaNotta) March 29, 2019

@FLOTUS Will proceeds go to your “BeBest” initiative

– HeartLifeHolistic® (@KathyAMorelli) March 29, 2019

Chairman Schiff is the epitome of class, intellect, compassion and honesty. Something y’all know ZERO about. Thanks for solidifying that with this juvenile white trash crap.

Btw, you dropped your hat.

– CaliDemChick (@chick_dem) March 29, 2019

The Trump campaign fundraising off 🍊🤡💩’s childish “Pencil Neck” taunt against @AdamSchiff.

Please do not RT this picture of @realDonaldTrump’s own neck because it’s not nice to make fun of someone’s neck when they actually have an embarrassing neck problem.

– The Daily Edge (@TheDailyEdge) March 30, 2019

I’ll wait for the Pelican-Neck Trump t-shirt.

– Brett Spencer (@Brett_Spencer) March 30, 2019