Shamima Begum FURY: Taxpayers footing legal bill against revoked citizenship of ISIS bride


The ISIS bride is receiving taxpayers money to pay for a legal bill which could run into hundreds of thousands of pounds, The Daily Mail reported. The Legal Aid Agency (LAA) agreed the decision which has been branded the decision as “disgusting” and “ridiculous”. The Bethnal Green schoolgirl had her UK citizenship revoked after she travelled to Syria in 2015.

While living in the Syrian city of Raqqa, she married a Dutch jihadi named Yago Riedijk with whom she had three children.

All have since died from malnutrition and infection.

She allegedly stitched suicide bombers into explosive vests and carried an AK-47.

Ms Begum begged to come back to the UK but Sajid Javid stripped her citizenship “in order to protect this country”.

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Her fight against the decision will be paid for by taxpayers despite her not applying for legal aid herself, nor lawyers telling her to do so.

Two law firms have applied for the money on her behalf, according to The Daily Mail.

Ms Begum will not be able to attend the case because she has been barred from returning to the UK.

A relative of one of the four soldiers killed in the Hyde Park bombing by the IRA has said he is “disgusted” by the move.

Mark Tipper, brother of trooper Simon Tipper, was refused funding to challenge IRA terrorist John Downey in the civil courts.

He told The Daily Mail: “It’s absolutely disgusting. You have got someone who has turned their back on their country and supports a terrorist group, then wants to come back and what does the Legal Aid Agency do? Gives her money to fund that fight.

“It’s extraordinary, it’s totally wrong and it just shows how bad the legal aid system is.”

The Begum’s family lawyer, Tasnime Akunjee, has confirmed the legal aid was granted following an application on March 19.

He said: “I represent the family who initially brought the case on behalf of Shamima Begum, but the family are not entitled to legal aid – the legal aid is for Shamima Begum alone.”

Tory MP Tim Loughton, former chairman of the home affairs select committee, has attacked the decision.

He said: “This shows that the Home Secretary was right to strip her of British citizenship.

“Playing the victim card when she has clearly been an active and willing participant in the most barbaric terrorist organisation in the world has now been exposed for the lie it was and the UK should have nothing to do with her.”

Ms Begum previously said she spent her time as a housewife in Syria and was not involved in ISIS.